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Breathe in –
With one breath, what concerns you most about the climate crisis?
Breathe out

Breathe in –
With one breath, who needs to change?
Breathe out

Breathe in –
With one breath, what can you do?
Breathe out

The air we breathe connects us -with each breath we take, we inhale oxygen that sustains us and pollutants that endanger us. The products we consume, the ways we travel, the forests we decimate – our local actions have global implications. We invite you to engage with our project – a collaborative artwork created across Coventry (UK) and Kampala (Uganda). We have created visual art, soundscapes, performances and writing which we hope contributes to action on the climate crisis.


As I have alway told you...
One planet.
One chance.
Let’s plant. Protect and preserve. No nature - no future!

*sound of city centre - people's footsteps, cha6er and cla6ering - Christmas music plays faintly in the background*

*sound of busy traffic on road, high pitch squeak of bike breaks and distorted music which blasts through speakers*

*sound of traffic on busy duel carriageway. wind blows over the mic*

*sound of a street, a child singing and chatting as traffic passes*

*sound of wind and squeak of bike breaks getting closer. sound of traffic in the distance*

*sound of wind and traffic*
We need to take action
The Government are not doing enough!
We need to plant more trees and prevent the fires

*sound of birds screeching over the bubble of water, it is windy and you can hear the rustle of clothing getting closer, then further away*


Speaker 1
They are called bulldozers, the machines. They are cu6ng down trees. You can see – the trees there. You can see a truck transpor=ng wood from the way they cut the trees down. Then you can see they have made wood, like they've made =mber out of the wood. And the solu=on is to plant. We can even see here, there is a homestead and the mum is cooking using firewood which is goDen from cu6ng down trees. And now this is my solu=on here. Plan=ng as many trees as possible. OK country, this is that farming. Sorry this is our home. This is our house or like our home, but they have also managed to get natural hedges like yes it's a compound but we have planted small small trees which is also good.

Speaker 1
So, what I can assert, from how it is destroyed, based on our places. So one, climate is affected by road constructions, like means of transport. In a way of making transport. You can see here, a?er constructing the road, where they are acquiring wood it is destroying the environment. Another one. This is for oil, for pipeline transport. Yeah, it's saying that the East African crude oil pipeline under construction, so they’re constructing. The impact here is the negaative one. They leave holes a?er leaving the holes obviously. A?er like, really digging these holes, what will take place is soil erosion. Then here you saw it being carried down together with some vegetation sliding down in the land there.

Speaker 1
Dear Elon Musk.
Speaker 2
We wanted to implore you to change your ways to benefit the climate.
Speaker 1
Everyone is aware of the incredible fortune you have earned throughout your career.
Speaker 2
We now ask you to share your wealth for the benefit of others in our world.
Speaker 1
Did you know that you could fund the enAre green industrial revoluAon of the UK for a year just with one quarter of your wealth?
Speaker 2
Think of the effect your money could have on the world. Just a small donaAon could save the planet. Love the earth.

00:00:00 Speaker 1 We have been talking about different topics.
00:00:03 Speaker 1 OK, I have just liAle details about.
00:00:07 SiCng here.
00:00:08 Speaker 1 First focus was like who hoped to work hard and resist a journey has begun. 00:00:14 Speaker 1 It failed to build a dream.
00:00:16 Speaker 1 And emergencies in the world and how prepared are we?
00:00:22 Speaker 1 These can be found in the whole world, because you can find them more widely.
00:00:26 Speaker 1 So what we want to work upon is the climate crisis. Yeah. We want to work upon it as a naRon.
00:00:33 Speaker 1 Yeah we have to work upon it as a naRon.
00:00:37 Speaker 1 Because it is in in our environment.
00:00:39 Speaker 1 So I started with this.
00:00:48 Speaker 1 Part of Africa.
00:00:50 Speaker 1 Therefore, there is a plethora of features, cultures and places that prove that proves that that statement is true, just that just as you see this so.
00:01:03 Speaker 1 This is like this, OK?
00:01:06 Speaker 1 For the futurisRc ciRes, I put this just to show the kind of future that you want want a green future different from what what might have happened if we don't work upon our environment.
00:01:21 Speaker 1 So to maintain or make our future green, like having our ciRes together with the with the buildings, we have to get rid of the bad vices that destroy our environment and then maintain the habits that will protect our environment.

Speaker 1
You call yourself a judge, yet you sit by idly as people continue to commit crimes to our planet. You sit up on your high horse and abandon the people you were supposed to work for.
Speaker 2
You have power. But you choose not to use it.
Speaker 1
You can help make a change. We can all help to make a change.
Speaker 2
But you and others like you choose not to.
Speaker 1
It's not good enough. You are not good enough. Hoo ha Hoo, ha.

Speaker 1
Dear Taiwo Owatemi, We appreciate you’re a person that is in the privileged position of having the power to make a change. We've been inspired aCer seeing the positive impact you've made for our city so far, and so we came to you asking for help.
Speaker 2
Our goal is to raise awareness for the urgency we see in our rapidly changing climate. We have come to you because your voice and actions have weight. We urge you to consider how Coventry can be a piivotal city for the sustainable changes we hope to see in the UK.



A poster reading 'STOP'

A poster reading 'There is no emergency exit'

A poster reading 'The future is dim, let's work to turn on the light'

A poster of a hand on the world

A poster reading 'One planet, one chance. It starts with you'

A green image of trees and leaves. Across the image white lettering reads DONT LET ACTING ON CLIMATE CRISIS BECOME BOURGEOIS! CHANGE IS DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE!

An image of single lightbulb, which has been placed on a grey floor. The bulb is lit by sunlight coming which is casting the shadow of an arched window frame on the floor.

Five objects made from reclaimed materials. To the left of the image is a tall bottle like object. Centrally is a figure made from bound materials which resemble tree bark.

A dramaticly lit image of a made doll figurine. It has been made from discared materials resembling tree bark

A green image of leaves and debris. Across the image white lettering reads IT DOESNT HAVE TO COST THE EARTH - WHAT CAN YOU DO TO BE CONSTRUCTIVELY DEFIANT?

A photo of a quiet street in Kampala. There are bungalows to the right of the image and trees line the street.

A close-up image of rubbish. Among the objects are bottles, cans, face masks, a broken strapped sandal, plastic bags, netting and pill packets.

An image of a communal water tap and yellow jerry cans. One of the cans is being filled. Residual water has made the red earth wet, and has formed a puddle.

An image of a light blue pair of jeans, which have been placed on a grey floor. They are contorted and crumpled. The light coming through a window (out of shot) is casting the shadow of an arched window frame.

An image of packet of vegetarian sausages, placed on a grey floor. On the floor is the shadow of an arched window frame.

A close-up of a young Black woman looking over her shoulder. Her ears are pierced and her braid tied up. Her shirt has been pained with blue and yellow paint. On her cheek are painted three symbols, resembling flying birds.

Five figures stand in front of a wall, which has been covered with paintings and newspaper clippings. They are wearing shirts which they have painted and annotated with slogans. One reads 'it starts with you'`

Five figures stand in front of a wall, which has been covered with paintings and newspaper clippings. They are wearing shirts which they have painted and annotated with slogans. One reads 'it starts with you'`

An image of a wet city street in Coventry, taken in the evening. The car lights glare and are reflected in the damp tarmic and pavement. One of the vehicles is a taxi.


A poster reading 'There is no planet B'

A poster reading 'STOP! Be sustainable'

A poster reading 'Is the profit worth it? When it ends!'

A photo looking back onto a busy road in Kampala. There are motorbikes and cars and visible exhaust fumes in the distance. At the side of the road a sign reads 'protect the environment' and displays an advertisement for 'Pakistani Rice'.

The central bus station in Kampala. There are many mini buses and pepole crossing the space. There are advertisements for various products and businesses on both the surrounding buildings and the buses.

A photo taken out of a bus window in Kampala. In the foreground, a man with a red and white helmet is riding a motorbike. A man in a hat is walking behind him, carrying a plastic bag. In the background there is a busy, narrow street with tall buidings. People are queuing at an orange, branded, gazebo

A photograph of a Maersk shipping container being transported by a lorry down a busy road in Kampala. In front of the shipping container are buses and a motorbike. In the background, commercial buildings.

A close up image of string lights, which are turned on. The lights are in the shape of roses.

An image of a tree which has been damaged and, therefore, fallen into a body of water.

A photo of a clear blue sky in Coventry. At the bottom of the image a fence and telephone pylone can be seen. Contrails from several plans cut across the sky.

An orange plastic back is disgarded and left on a green leafy shrub.

A poster reading 'Land fill filler'

A green image of the back of a National Grid bus in the UK. Across the image white lettering reads PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH YOU ARE NOT ABOVE CHANGE YOU MUST LEAD BY EXAMPLE

A green image of a street scene in Birmingham city centre. Across the image white lettering reads PAY YOUR TAXES!


A poster reading 'Boris go to hell. It'll be colder down there'

A poster reading 'Stop! Nurture the earth'

A poster reading 'You are not good enough!'

A poster reading 'Stop! Time is running out'

A green image of trees and a leafy path. Across the image white lettering reads WE DARE YOU TO THINK BEYOND NATIONS INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY WILL SAVE US

A green image of the skyline in Kampala. Across the image white lettering reads CHOOSE OUR FUTURE OVER YOUR CURRENT POWER

Two people stand in a dark alley. Both have their eyes closed and are facing opposite walls.

A green image of a building concealed by trees. White text reads 'Listen to the criticisms made by the public and climate activists'

A close-up image of barbed wire, taken at sunset. Beyond the barbed wire there is a grassy field and int he distance out of focus trees and bushes.

A demolition site. In the centre of the image, a yellow digger is moving debris about the site.

A landscape image of a residential area on the outskirts of Kampala. In the foreground litter can be seen in the grass. A central path leads through the neighbourhood and towards hills in the distance.

A residential area in Kampala. At the centre of the image are a mini bus and a boda boda (motorbike) driver giving someone a lift. To the right of the image there is litter.

A ditch filled with rubbish - there are plastic bottles, tin cans and other debris. Acorss the back of the image there is a fence made of corrugated iron.

A gravel path cuts through a grass field. To the left of the path there is a large, old tree which appears to have died. In the background there are several other trees with yellowing leaves. On the ground are brown and yellow leaves.

A fenced path with large trees either side, in the UK. The trees are bare and it is sunny.

A quiet suburban street in Coventry. The houses are newly built and uniform, made of red or yellow brick. To the front of the houses are bins, some of which are for recycling. Two cars are parked in the driveways of the houses.

A residential water outlet in Kampala polluted with domestic rubbish. The water looks cloudy.

A rubbish tip in Coventry. Large shipping containers are labelled 'Bottle Bank Brown', 'Bottle Bank Clear', 'Can Bank', 'Paper Bank'.


A sketch of a river with houses, trees and birds surrounding it. There are some people rowing a boat along the river.

A sketch of a tree growing back its leaves.

A poster reads 'No nature, no future. Mindset change! Not climate change!'

A green image of a pile of dirt. Across the image white lettering reads SAVE THE WORLD PLANT TREES

A close-up photo of branches and leaves of mutliple trees. Through the branches there is a grey sky, and there is some glare on the image, cuasing a red orb to the right.

A photo of the roof of a house through trees. The sky is clear and blue, and the sun can be seen.

A photo of a red and orange butterfly with black spots resting on a plant.

A grassy field in the UK. In the distance are trees. The sky is mostly blue, with some white clouds, There are three geese flying in formation.

A landscape image of an idyllic lake in the UK. The sky is blue, and surrounding the lake are green mountains. They are reflected in the water.

Three Black women stand in a line, and are at the centre of the image. They are massaging each other's necks. Their faces are relaxed, yet concentrated. The girl at the front of the image has her eyes closed.

Two young Black man stand together, one in front of the other. They both have their eyes closed, and the man standing at the back of the image has placed his hands on the other's shoulders. Behind them, hanging, is colourful printed fabric.

A poster stuck to a lamp post, which reads SAVE THE WORLD PLANT MORE TREES

A suburban residential area in Coventry. At the centre of the image is a large tree, which has lost its leaves for winter. Surrounding the tree are parked cars and large family houses. The sky is bright blue.

Write to your MP and see how you can help. Click this link to find out how.